Teach English in Yuepu Zhen - Shanghai Shi

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When I began this course, I felt that my english was already decent and quite good as a native english speaker. Thus, what I looked forward to the most was learning how to teach the language. I feel that this course has done just that by giving me the most important tools and teaching principles that would enable me to teach english. First is the review of english grammar rules, which all learners of english will eventually need to master. The units on grammar worked as a good refresher on foundational topics like tenses and the more complicated ones like modals and conditionals. As a writer, good grammar is essential to my profession so that is how I immediately benefitted from these units, but as an aspiring teacher, these will work as excellent reference material for teaching each topic. Next, I really liked the ESA teaching method, which I certainly plan to practice. This structure is a simple yet convenient way to organize a lesson that feels complete, where the student stays interested, learns a topic and applies it immediately. Using its variations like the patchwork type of lesson is also a great way to make classes more interesting while adding flexibility to the way a topic is taught. I am sure that I will incorporate the engage, study, and activate phases in all my classes, especially with the help of the lesson plan template. Though it felt tedious at first, lesson planning with the template was a very helpful way to think about how to teach different topics using the ESA method. I plan on using the lesson plan template provided when creating lesson plans since it will remind me of the ESA method as well. Planning is important to me, so I see the value in lesson planning. The template makes it much easier to ensure that I cover all my bases and think each lesson through. Finally, I appreciate the units on the receptive and productive skills. A deeper look at how we use language and the emphasis on how to teach each skill gave me a better understanding of the range of tasks and teaching points I should cover and include in a curriculum. When planning lessons, I will try to cover each skill in a balanced way and look out for how each student is developing these skills. All of the units also gave me a lot of starting points for further study, which I will probably do as I go. However, I do feel that I can prepare for a lesson, teach a class, and actually have students learn something. With practice and experience, I believe I can become a better teacher, but for now, I feel that this course has equipped me for a satisfying career in teaching english.