Teach English in Yangxing Zhen - Shanghai Shi

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Despite being born in Australia, my native language is not english. Learning english as a kid was easy as I was immersed in an english speaking country and learnt through practice. We were generally not taught a vast amount of grammar as it was mainly implicit through use. Revising some of the core grammar concepts has put reasoning and rules behind the way we use english and has allowed me to understand the language and be able to explain to others. I have also studied other languages and can apply many of the teaching techniques and theories to the courses I have studied and be able to analyze them better to understand myself and the teacher?s point of view. Doing this course has allowed me to understand not only teaching concepts but has put me in a position to be a better student as well. Hopefully, I will be able to put these skills and leanings in practice overseas as I wish to teach in third-world countries and provide opportunities to children that I have been so lucky to receive. There are many organizations out there now that provide board and make arrangements to teach in schools, and I will want to sign up to one of these soon. Irrespective of this, I believe learning these concepts can be applied to any profession, as understanding the needs and background of your audience along with the capability to structure your teaching materials/advice logically will benefit your audience.