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Classroom Management Classroom management can be described as a method by which lessons can be run smoothly despite possible disruptive behaviors by students. Some teachers consider classroom management to be the most difficult part of teaching. A teacher needs to organize and manage the class, while having a friendly and relaxed manner at the same time being able to maintain discipline. Classroom management is closely linked to issues of motivation, respect, and discipline. Classroom management can differ from teacher to teacher and good or bad classroom management does not depend on whether a teacher is introverted or extroverted. In order for the class to learn successfully the teacher needs to be able to build the confidence of their students. Once a teacher has lost control of the classroom, it can be very hard to regain control back. If the teacher has to keep taking time out during lessons to correct misbehavior, then this is the result of poor classroom management skills which can have a negative effect on students' performance in the class. From a student's viewpoint, a successful class is one that involves clear communication of what is expected of the students and an atmosphere of supportive learning. The teacher needs to gain the respect of their students and giving students rules and guidelines can ensure that students are aware of what is expected of them. It is important that the teacher established rules and guidelines for the students to follow at the start of classes. A teacher that is consistent in enforcing the rules will be able to maintain control of their classes. A teacher needs to discern when the students need help and when they do not. The ability to be adaptable to the students needs is also important in classroom management. Classroom management is a combination of good eye contact, use of gestures and voice. Each teacher in the classroom can make a lesson memorable for the students. A teacher needs to be able to maintain eye contact with their students; this is one way for the teacher to build a relationship with the students'. A teacher needs to find balance between good eye contact which can help to establish respect versus students feeling intimidated by a teacher just staring at them. Eye contact in the classroom helps to maintain order in the class, to ensure that students are following the lesson and it can be used by the teacher to check that each student is participating in the lesson. A teachers' tone of voice can indicate to the students that an activity needs to be finished or started. It can also set the mood for the classroom, a teachers voice needs to be clear, have a wide variety of range in order to maintain order in a classroom. The teachers' voice needs to change in accordance with each situation. A successful teacher will adapt their speech to fit the level and ability of their students. Gesture usage is only used when meaning is understandable or it is already recognized. Having a good use of gestures in a classroom can be helpful in conveying instructions and to increase the pace of the activities by reducing the need for verbal explanations if the students do not understand instructions. It can also act as a visual aid to gain the attention of students who are not as motivated. In order for a teacher to maintain a balanced classroom management, they will need to instill confidence in their students, be consistent in discipline and encourage an atmosphere of learning, and having good use of eye contact; gestures and voice tone will make a class enjoyable for the students and might motivate other less interested students to want to participate fully in the course.