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Business EnglishOne of the characteristic features of the modern society development is globalization. It takes place in all areas of life, and especially in the business field. In terms of modern economic globalization and internationalization business competition is getting much keener and international markets make high demands of companies which aim at success. One of those requirements for international companies? staff is having a good command of english. That is why teachers of Business english are in great demand nowadays. While teaching Business english a teacher usually deals with highly motivated and well-disciplined students. They know what they want and understand the importance of their language learning. It helps to make teaching process more effective for students and rewarding for teachers. However teaching Business english may be very challenging. First of all, a lot of teachers lack confidence when it comes to teaching of Business english, which is caused by their ignorance of business. Secondly, Business english learners usually have great expectations and little time to study. They are very likely to miss some lessons by reason of being busy with their work. Also they may already be tired before a lesson begins, and of course it will influence the effectiveness of their learning. Thirdly, company management may put extra pressure on a teacher, as they expect from their employees who learn Business english higher productivity which in its turn should result in increasing company profitability. Teaching Business english has some peculiarities. To start with, Business english embraces a wide range of specific fields. There is General Business english, Business english for Marketing, Financial Business english, Business english for Accounting, Business english for Sales, and so on, and so forth. Although having some knowledge of and experience in any business field may be useful, it is not vital. Naturally a Business english teacher cannot be an expert in all business fields. But he should be adaptable and have at least a general notion of principles of modern world economy functioning. Also a teacher should show interest in the company's operation as it will help him to make lessons related to students? everyday work. Learning Business english vocabulary can be complicated for students. They may be confused with the fact that the same words can have different meaning in General english and Business english. For instance, in General english the word ?party? is usually used in the meaning of celebration; in Business english ?party? means an individual or a juridical person who are involved in official work activities such as negotiations, signing a contract etc. The word ?interest? may be another example. Students of General english are accustomed to using it in the meaning of concern and curiosity. In Business english ?interest? means income which investors receive on their capital. It is also important not to concentrate all lessons only on teaching of vocabulary and absolutely forget about grammar. Because reputation of professional and well-educated person is very important for any businessman, and having such reputation is impossible if one constantly makes serious grammar mistakes. The effectiveness of teaching Business english may increase greatly if a teacher uses not only those materials that are given in course and resource books, but also uses ?real? materials his students usually work with. They may include reports, contracts, balance sheets, calculations, graphs, diagrams, charts, business letters, offers, bills etc. In addition, it may be a good idea to use some authentic materials such as articles from economic journals, recorded radio interviews with famous economists or businessmen, excerpts from TV programmes, news and so on. Another thing to bear in mind while teaching Business english is that students have different official duties. Therefore they need to develop different language skills. Those ones who are responsible for business correspondence need to improve their writing skills. Those ones who are responsible for conducting negotiations or making presentations need, above all, to improve their speaking skills. That is why a Business english teacher should find out his students needs and create such a syllabus that will meet their requirements. To sum up, teaching Business english is not easy. But if a teacher is ready to face all the challenges which it throws, it may be highly interesting and beneficial