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Motivating StudentsMotivating students to learn can be a difficult task. Particularly in the case of younger students, when they are not in your classroom as a result of their own choice to do so. There are ways however, to make the learning experience of a student not only an enticing one, but also a lot of fun. The most important aspect of motivation for students is relevance. If the lesson piques their interest, they are far more likely to participate in any of the activities they are presented with. This can be achieved in a variety of ways. Get to know your students. If you are aware of their hobbies, their dislikes and their personal tastes you can begin to tailor you lessons to suit their interests. If you can find a topic that excites the entire class, you can use it to teach just about anything. It just comes down to careful planning. When first encountering a new class, it is more than worth your time to learn a little about your new students. Taking note of common hobbies and interests can be very helpful when trying to plan new lessons that intended to excite your students. Research relevant social issues. The classroom is commonly a place in which a student works out of a book, or off the board. If you can generate discussion in the class, the students are utilizing their language, sometimes without even feeling like they are in school. Conversation is a crucial element of learning any new language, and by discovering these social issues that emit a sense of passion from the students, you can apply them to the classroom setting in a way that is organic and very natural. Another benefit of these discussion type classes is also the way in which it builds a rapport between you and your students. And if your students trust you, it will be much easier for you to get them motivated when tackling a new and challenging subject. A young students favorite question is always ?Why?? If you can provide a clear reason for why you they are learning what you are trying to teach, the battle is already half-won. If a student has purpose, everything else will fall into place. In terms of adult students, things a little different. Most of the time you know that they have come to your class on their own accord, but they also are far more likely to have other things going on in their life at the same time. But motivating an adult student is still quite similar to motivating a younger one, in that it is all about tailoring the learning experience to them. With an adult though, you have the ability to have a frank discussion about exactly what it is that they want to improve on. This allows you to find a comfortable middle ground in which the adult learner feels as though their work in class is achieving something. If they can feel a sense of progress and achievement, they will be much more motivated to tackle things they would normally shy away from otherwise. If a teacher is able to learn enough about their students to plan their lessons around their interests and objectives, they will have taken a large, confident step forward into motivating the students to learn.