Teach English in Zhouxin Jiedao - Qingyuan Shi

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This unit introduced me to the many aspects that should be considered when managing a class, some the teacher is able to influence (Use of eye contact, gestures voice etc.) and others the teacher may not be able to influence e.g. A small classroom may limit the choice of how the teacher may wish to arrange the seating of the students. The unit also covered the pros and cons of said seating arrangements as well as the importance of the teachers position and how it can vary depending on the teachers current role within the teaching session and/or activity. The unit also taught me the merits and disadvantages of a variety of grouping arrangements and their impact on not only the students but the ability for the teacher to control and interact with the class as a whole. I leant a great amount about striking a balance of both teacher and student talk time and that though TTT is an important part of the teaching process that it should never be overused or used in a manner that can confuse the students as it can prove a detriment. The Completion of this unit has taught me that overall classroom management is both the skills of managing and organising the class effectively, as well as being able to teach in both a calm and friendly manner whilst still maintaining good classroom discipline. That building a rapport with the class is a good way of making sure that your students get on better with the teacher, and that good consistent management of the classroom is great at keeping problem behaviour in the classroom to a minimum. Finally when problem behaviour does rear its head that staying calm and responding to the problem behaviour itself is the best course of action to take.