Teach English in ShAkou Zhen - Qingyuan Shi

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My reflection on this unit... When I reached page 7, which is about time expressions, the author said \"But the 'golden rule' with all the different categories is to take each one at a time and to do it slowly and thoroughly.\" That's a good rule to follow as it is true, teaching conditionals and reported speech can be challenging as was stated, the potential for mistakes, errors and difficulty is enormous for students. So careful lesson planning is essential so the teacher can teach conditionals and reported speech in a way that the students can fully understand, breaking it down into several sections and lessons in a continuous way, and then reviewing it every once in a while during the year for me is a good way to make students absorb the entirety of this subject. Conditionals alone, from zero to mixed, is a lot of information to handle and to practice. I believe the students should already have a good knowledge of the basic verb tenses and grammar to be able to do zero and first conditionals (pre-intermediate level), then they can have the rest as they progress. As for reported speech, the same approach should be applied, maybe start with the range of tenses for pre-intermediate level students. For time expressions, I thought, I'm happy I am taking up this course, I get to learn and realize so many things about teaching that I didn't know before. Here, I didn't realize how time expressions change in reported speech, usually, when you talk, words just come out naturally without really analyzing the grammar and usage, it's when you have to teach it that you have to have the knowledge and the know-how. And it's a nice feeling, knowing that I now know something that I didn't know before.