Teach English in Qiaotou Zhen - Qingyuan Shi

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For this unit we went over the various EFL teaching methods, with ESA being covered in great detail and it is effective for motivating students and giving them adequate practice. We learned the different kinds of ESA lessons and when which ones are most appropriate. We explored different techniques for eliciting answers from students and why elicitation is so important (to give student a chance to think of the answer on their own rather than just being told). We extensively went over different activities that are acceptable and useful for each phase of ESA. We also looked at how teachers should correct errors and why we as teachers should not always jump to correct right away. I found this unit very enjoyable, the section on correcting students was particularly interesting because my first instinct is always to correct someone right away, the lesson explained why it is a good idea to prompt students to fix their ow mistakes first so they can better remember it or realize they knew the answer all along. I also enjoyed how most of the suggested activities would work for any level language student (the complexity of the activity and student responses would vary of course). Also most of the suggested activities seemed very fun and engaging (a lot of games were mentioned) which is great for all students to maintain their motivation and keep them interested in learning. The part of the task sheet that asked me to create different lesson plans for different ESA lesson styles was a bit challenging as I really had to think about how I would effectively get results from different level students and their needs and how I would engage them with things they already know that could also tie into the study phase.