Teach English in Qiaohe XiAng - Qingyang Shi

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I thought that this unit was very interesting.It taught me how to use the past tenses in different ways.Although at times it was very confusing to me I tried my best.Overall the past tense form and usage I think needs to be summarized in one or two words the past.There was not much information in this unit. I learned more from the test, how to use role-play materials. Before I would just give the cards and try to let them speak with each other. I don't know if the build up I used was right, but I will see it in the check.my reflection on this unit.I learned the present tense which we use in our daily life.I learned all the present tenses which helps me use grammar correctly when I write and speak also.English grammar is different from my mother tongue and this course helps me .