Teach English in Qingyang Shi

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Teach English in Baima XiAng, Qingyang Shi
In this unit I learnt about the books and materials, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a course books, what is the difference between authentic materials and created materials with their pros and cons
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Teach English in BAzhu XiAng, Qingyang Shi
Types of classes: beginners (the absolute beginners, the false beginners, the adult beginners, the young beginners, the beginners without Roman alphabet), individual students (one-to-one lessons), children, business English (one-to-one, in-company group, in-school group)
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Teach English in GAolou Zhen, Qingyang Shi
After unit 4, Unit 6 was a lot easier for me, probably just needed to brush up on my tenses, everything was well explained and detailed and easy to remember, I cant say I have learned a lot in this Unit, but it was still good to recall about past tenses for future usage
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Teach English in Gonghe Zhen, Qingyang Shi
I found Unit 2 a lot more difficult than the previous one, mainly due to the fact that I have never been that good with grammar, but so far so good, the information is accurate and very easy to understand
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Teach English in Guoyuan XiAng, Qingyang Shi
not to sure how i went here as i went mostly based on common sense and some of the questions werent in the learning material, i feel this unit could have obtained alot more information about dealing with cultural differnces in the classroom
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Teach English in HejiApan Zhen, Qingyang Shi
English language learners are often confused by modal verbs because they are used differently than other verbs and in a wide variety of situations such as asking for permission and giving advice
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Teach English in Huai'An XiAng, Qingyang Shi
The more I study the more interesting it gets,Like I said before this is new for me and I'm willing to learn more so I can be effective teacher for new students that they want to learn a new language, the more I study this program the better teacher I can be thank you
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