Teach English in NanchuAn XiAng - Qingyang Shi

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I am very good at Tense System from my childhood, so again this unit was very easy for me to go through. I knew most of the parts of this unit already. However, I liked the usage parts of each tense and also the negative and positive question forms of Tense System.It was very easy for me, but is very useful is like going back to school, I love it after studying for a while it came back to me , I have to put it into practice and do an personal test to improve my English grammar, and to be able to teach students in the future.The information given in this unit is useful but not new for me. I use all of these types of tests during my classes. One thing which i haven't tried to do yet is evaluating students by asking them to tell about their thougts connected with the prosess of studying.