Teach English in Yongyang Jiedao [incl. Wengshuǐ Jiedao] - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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The productive teaching skills which means writing and speaking, and this skill is equally important as receptive skill. Speaking have two terms; first accuracy activities which is part of study phase that is controlled to ensure accurate reproduction of language and second fluency activities is of activate phase that is concerned with the effectiveness and flow of communication. Students are seemed to be reluctant to speak due to many reasons but also there are techniques to encourage them and also different creative activities guidelines which are discussed in this unit. And writing skills include handwriting, spelling, punctuation, situational writing and creative writing. The typical creative writing activity process is 'Straight Arrow ESA'. And most importantly making all this activities work in effective manner gaming is always needed to be applied and every teachers need to keep it on mind.