Teach English in YongkAng XiAng [→ LimingguAn Shuǐzu XiAng] - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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Unit 1 is a general overview of the course's contents and goals. It also offers general informations on other related topics, for example career expectations and career prospects. The unit starts with a list, unit by unit, that covers each topic included in this business english specialization course. After that, there are some general instructions and advices on how to proceed throughout this course and also the aims and objectives that need to be met at the end. The acronyms and specific terminology that is often encountered in the BE world is also listed and explained. Afterwards, two separate chapters introduce the concept of General Business English as well as \"ESP\" English (English for Specific Purposes). ESP encompasses a whole range of situations within academic or professional fields. Some specific examples are : Medical English for Medical Professionals, English for engineers, etc etc.