Teach English in WAntAnhe Zhen [Yangchang Zhen] - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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Productive skills which are speaking and writing and also including games, are very important in communication. So, this lesson developed many points, concerning speaking skills, we saw notions such as what is the difference between accuracy and fluency activities? which is more important? speaking activities in the classroom, engaging students to speak, techniques to encourage interaction, a typical free or creative speaking activity lesson and guidelines for free or creative speaking activity. The writing skills was focused on: handwriting, spelling, layout and punctuations, creative writing and a typical creative writing activity lesson. Games in the classroom was also promptly developed at the end of this unit. Despite the fact that writing skills requires a greater degree of accuracy, speaking skills a greater degree of fluency, we should try to equilibrate them while teaching productive skills.