Teach English in Tingpai Zhen - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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In unit 5, I have learned a lot about teaching ideas to young learners. I really enjoyed reading about common games adapted to learning. I think this can be very helpful because these are games that are internationally known, and are enjoyed by all cultures and many people. I also liked seeing the differences in music for the different ages. I had never thought about embarrassment for the older young learners and the movements and singing! Although singing and actions may be difficult for this age group, I think it is important for them, and it also depends on the culture and where you are teaching. Finally, I find it hard to gauge the level of maturity in each classroom and each age group with each activity. It is hard to know what games, arts, and songs each age group is going to enjoy? I guess it only takes practice to know this information! :) Overall, I am continuing to learn a lot about teaching!