Teach English in Shangsi Zhen [incl. Dayang XiAng] - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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In this Unit I learnt about the two productive skills, speaking and writing. I learnt that writing is often times neglected in TEFL lessons and it is important to not forget about writing as especially in countries where they have completely different writing styles such as in japan or china students can struggle with producing English words on paper. However when writing students can spend time coming up with the correct responses whereas with speaking there is less time to think and plan so it is also just as important to spend time on their speaking skills. I learnt that when giving a lesson in writing or speaking it is important to make them interesting so that the students can see a purpose in what they are learning. Allowing the students to be creative in their speaking and writing activities will help them get involved and gives them the freedom to experiment and work out the correct responses.