Teach English in Naping XiAng - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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This unit covered the nuances of different special groups, including beginners, individual students, children, and those learning English for more specific purposes (such as business). Each section included typical problems found with the group, how to respond to those problems proactively or as they arise, and specific ways to interact with the group and plan the lesson. For example, with children there are often disciplinary problems resulting from a wide variety of sources (some of which are outside of the control of the teacher), but some of these problems can be addressed by making the classroom more interesting or planning classroom interactions more thoroughly. Games can be used to increased the level of interest in the lessons, as can activities such as coloring. I felt that I learned a number of new tactics suited to teaching each group and now feel less apprehensive about teaching special groups .