Teach English in Maolan Zhen - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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All aspects of a teacher's presentation will impact the teacher's rapport with their students. The teacher's presentation includes gestures, eye contact and gaze, body language (whether the teacher is sitting or standing, where they are standing), how the teacher conveys new information, how the teacher interacts with students. All of these things can influence how students think of their teacher and whether they have confidence in and respect for their teacher. Students will learn better if they trust and respect their teacher. The set-up of a classroom (the physical arrangement of seating) and how students are grouped and paired together will also impact the atmosphere of the class. There are a variety of methods for preventing and responding to problematic classroom behavior. These responses should be tailored to the class and problem students. It's a good idea to ask more experienced colleagues for help.