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every teacher should have lesson plan. if teacher planing too much it can make lessons rather rigit and stop the teacher being flexible to the needs of the students. so teacher should makes some notes, or complete lesson plan form but will build it flexibility. there are some important functions of lesson planning: - an aid of planing; - a working document; - a record. basic principles of planning should be: - keep it simple; - don't try to script the lesson; - structure it and maintaining the same structure; - write the anticipated time for each activity in the margin; - check for the balance of skills; - keep it flexible. there are some example what should be include in lesson plan: - learner objektives; - personal aims; - language points; - teaching aids; - anticipated problems; - procedure; - phase; - timing; - interaction; - class level; - number of students; -date/time; - teacher`s and observe`s names.