Teach English in Kaluo XiAng - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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Course books are the controversial issues among teachers. They may give teachers general outline for teaching, continuity and security, but it also restricts teachers? flexibility and does not provide deep understanding of individual problems. It would be perfect if course books have all teachers need for all the classes, however, in reality it is impossible, so teachers have to make their own materials to fill up those gaps and analyze course books for the best use of them. Teachers can adapt course books by omitting or replacing what is not needed, supplementing what to be added. If teacher thinks more material is needed, there are two kinds of materials teachers can use: Authentic materials and Created materials. Newspapers, poems, songs, brochures, menus and films are called authentic materials and Crosswords, word search puzzles, gap fill activities, role-play cards, flash cards, and picture stories are created