Teach English in Hongshuihe Zhen - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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What roles can a teacher fulfill during class? This section answers that. Secondly, what qualifies a good student and what motivations could each respective student bring to the classroom? Understanding the motivations of the student, their age, social standing in the classroom and L2 comprehension are all essential to determining the role the teacher should fulfill and when. In reflection of the unit, it was quite eye opening to see all the possible roles a teacher may play. It can be easy to become overly reliant upon playing one role or another. Thus, the lessons can become overly reliant in turn to utilize a particular set of activities. This can be boring and demotivating for this students. In turn, this is frustrating for the teacher. It can be hard to even recognize this loop when you are the teacher. We can be so busy trying to get through lessons, it is good to stop and reflect on what the purpose of our activities are.