Teach English in DujiAng Zhen - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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In this unit, I've learned about the different teaching approaches to learning a new language. Overall, the ESA approach is a product of taking different parts of the other approaches to create an effective and strategic method for teaching a new language. The ESA method has three elements- Engage, Study, and Activate. In the classroom, a teacher can manipulate these different elements in different order to create an engaging and and productive learning environment provided that the lessons always start with Engage and end with Activate. Three examples of ESA employment in a lesson can be seen in the \"Straightarrow,\" the \"Boomerang,\" and the \"Patchwork\" where one can see the manipulation of ESA's elements according to the learning context. The unit provided extensive examples of activities that a teacher can use in each step of the ESA lesson planning. Guidance notes on lesson planning were also given at the end of the unit.