Teach English in Dexin Zhen - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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In Unit 5, I learned that there should be an equal balance between maintaining discipline and building positive relationships conducive to learning; you can't have one without the other and you also can't have one more or less than the other. Establishing rapport is one of the most vital components to a good learning environment, yet too much lax can create a disorderly classroom and disorderly students. In order to avoid that, at least initially, I learned to weigh in on the side of control, as it's much easier to relax it at a later stage than to exert it after encouraging that relaxed, friendly atmosphere. I also learned that the name of a student should typically be used at the end of a question and not at the start. This allows the teacher to randomly pick a student at his/her discretion, whilst keeping all students on their toes. It's a good way to garner their attention and interest throughout the course material and class time.