Teach English in Dayin XiAng - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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Unit 5 reviews all of the basic information an EFL educator should know about managing his or her classroom. The lesson is broken down into sections that discuss options for how an instructor's use of the body through gesture, eye contact, and voice impact student experiences. The following sections that review different methods for grouping students, arranging the classroom, and teacher talking and presentation help to frame how different teaching variables contribute to the classroom. The Unit 5 discussion of appropriate uses of teacher talking time and the breakdowns of how to fulfill a position as a figure of authority whilst maintaining good rapport with the students were particularly helpful to me, as the explanations make clear the balance an instructor must achieve in order to succeed. Thankfully, this section also provides many suggestions and insights into what a successful instructor does in order to achieve this balance.