Teach English in Chang'An XiAng - Qiannan Buyizu Miaozu Zizhizhou

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This unit exhibits a wide panorama of several grammar points as english teachers we need to know. In fact, we get a deatailed explanation of modal verbs ( how to use them according to different kinds of ideas, basic rules and a description of teaching ideas), passive voice (offering some key points to determine the difference between active voice and passive voice, how to use them, and teachings aids to facilitate students' practice) and an overview of relative clauses (offering the three categories of relative clauses, and examples of pronouns in defining and non defining relative clauses) and finally a view of phrasal verbs (featuring the three types of phrasal verbs; intransitive,transitive separable and transitive inseparable) giving the advice to use them naturally especially during an uncontrolled practice or conversion that is in fact the path in wich students understand and get the pace to use them in different kinds of contexts.