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Unit three has been the most beneficial units for me by far. Here, I learned about this new methodology called ESA which I was not previously aware of. Actually, I have been familiar with the other methods and approaches listed earlier in the unit, and knowing that none of them is perfect by itself, I have always used an eclectic approach, an amalgamation of different methodologies tailored based on the level and needs of my students. But, it was amazing to find out that there actually is a new method which is very close to what I have been doing in my classes for a relatively long while. ESA, in my opinion, is very different from its predecessors by the fact that it is an approach which has gone from practice to theory. This is the reverse of what we normally see or expect in the realm of language teaching. This bottom to top approach, I believe, is in effect what any teacher would need in order to be successful in a 'real' teaching context.