Teach English in Putian Shi

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Teach English in BeigAo Zhen, Putian Shi
No one can deny that the use of technology during our lessons save a huge amount of time and aids tremendously in delivering new language to the students
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Teach English in Donghai Zhen, Putian Shi
I found this unit a little challenging implementing intonations, stress, pronunciations, production of sounds and learning phonemic symbols at the same time
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Teach English in Handong Jiedao, Putian Shi
This unit was a clear example of what not to do in the first lesson it is already clear to me from the get-go that the attitude of the teacher was not right and therefore the students have been negatively impacted
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Teach English in LingchuAn Zhen, Putian Shi
This unit provided good explanations of the pros and cons of unsung a course book in a classroom, and why and how to modify this material which is gernally tageted to make more specific for an individual classroom
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Teach English in ShicAng XiAng, Putian Shi
Past tense verb follow the form and structure of present tense verbs for the most part, with the obvious exception that they refer to actions in the past! The extensive list of verbs with irregular endings in the past simple tense will be a challenge for students to learn as there is no hard and fast rule governing these verbs
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