Teach English in Yaodian Zhen - Pingliang Shi

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I feel like I have gained important information from doing this additional certificate. The websites included in this section will give me a lot of reading material and opportunities for further learning. Whoever put together this entire course did a fabulous job. Thank you!It was for me always just using the different verbs we studies in this unit, but now I have a clear overview when you use \"may\" or \"might\" for example. This makes it a lot easier to teach. I now know what is more and what is less important when you use the passive voice.IN THIS UNIT IT S CLEARLY EXPLAIND ,FROM MY POINT OF VIEW,THAT THE ENGLISH LAUNGUAGE HAS GOT PRESENT , PAST , FUTURE TENSES AND ALL CAN BE SIMPLE OR CONTINOUS AND PLAIN THAT : EACH TENSE WE CAN COJUGATED IN AN AFFERMATIVE,NEGATIVE AND INTERROGATIVE FORM IN A VERY SIMPLE WAY