Teach English in Xitun Zhen - Pingliang Shi

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well its very difficuld to learn anything at this stage i mean im still new but everything is very very usuful. i learned that i need to study , study and study the more you go the more difficuld questions gets. i didnt know that there is such thing us boomerang lesson plan.In this unit i learned about productive skills which force on Speaking and writing . i learned penmanship can affect how the student may pronounce things if it is sloppy . i also learned the deference between accuracy and fluency and the roles both of them play in learning .I'm realizing that I don not understand the ESA lesson structure. I'm really struggling with this. I would need to go through these last couple of units to totally understand it. I do not understand why. Maybe due to the fact that in South Africa you are taught the wrong way