Teach English in Xihua Zhen - Pingliang Shi

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I learned from this unit the different ways to teach and ways to the students attention and into the learning process. I see the ESA method can be changed to benefit the students .I will revue this unit often as to look at the ways to improve the way I teach the class now .I found this lesson interesting. It was helpful but also felt somewhat unnecessary. I am not sure what to say about it but need to keep typing so I will reach 50 words. I only made one note while reading the lesson online so I don't feel like the lesson has much to report on.In this unit I learnt all about the future tense. I definitely think that verbs are going to be the hardest thing to learn/teach. It all seems really complicated and I'd like to know as a teacher,what can I do about this. The reason being that I don't want to look unprepared.