Teach English in Nanhu Zhen - Pingliang Shi

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This section was one of those where you know it but could not really explain it until you completed the tutorial. Its an eye opener how we take our language usage for granted per say. I rather enjoyed it for I feel a better understanding of the tenses and how they are being used.Oh my god! This unit has left me speechless. To be fair i did not know that language teaching had such a profound history and throughout all the years that i learnt various languages, i think i came across only three or four methods without even knowing their names up till now.There was a lot to learn this unit on the future tense. I learned when to use these tenses as well. I enjoyed learning about this unit because i found it to be a little easier to grasp compared to present and past tenses. I am now aware that there are 7 different future meanings.