Teach English in Luohandong XiAng - Pingliang Shi

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I always use a course book in the classroom. I did not know the disadvantages until I read this unit. It taught me so much about teaching materials that I did not know before. It gave me a new perspective on teaching the English language with different materials available online.The phrasal verbs are unbelievably difficult for me. I don't get it. I still don't. Not much information has been given in the PDF. I had to look up more information about the phrasal verbs. I think I have to memorise all the different phrasal verbs to understand what type it is.This is the last unit of my course which i just completed. It was about troubleshooting. It talked about what were the most common problems that a teacher has to encounter when conducting a lesson and the unit also taught the different techniques that could be used to solve them.