Teach English in Ningde Shi

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Teach English in BAdu Zhen, Ningde Shi
The content I learned in this unit was primarily focused on what activities are appropriate for each stage of the teaching and learning process in order to have the student be fully engaged while learning
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Teach English in Chengbei Jiedao, Ningde Shi
Unit two explains various parts of the speech such as nouns, pronouns, verbs,adverbs, preposition, adjective, comparative, superlative, articles, conjunction and gerunds
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Teach English in Chunchi Zhen, Ningde Shi
This unit has helped me understand which activities to use when i am faced with the 'first lesson' in order to create rapport between students and a student/teacher relationship
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Teach English in Dieshi XiAng, Ningde Shi
This is the hardest unit so far! It discusses modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice and explains different examples of how they can be used in language
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