Teach English in Nanping Shi

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Teach English in Dali Zhen, Nanping Shi
In this unit i have settled my knowledges of the present tense in various forms, knowledge which i have been watching all my life through my school periode
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Teach English in Dikou Zhen, Nanping Shi
The most complicated question for me is how to balance the grammar within the lesson, so it'll not be too less and too much, as the students could get bored quite fast
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Teach English in Dongping Zhen, Nanping Shi
This unit was tricky! Instead of having the usual tense differentiations, there was an added 'going to' future, as well as another review of the present simple/continuous tenses
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Teach English in FengxiXiAng, Nanping Shi
Again, tenses are quite a tricky subject, and I am definitely more comfortable with teaching past tenses than I ma with teaching future tenses, even though in some ways they are cery similar
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Teach English in GuAnlu XiAng, Nanping Shi
This lesson explained the use of Phonology as a technique to get new language leaners to connect with the different intonations and what techniques to ensure each students understand the usage
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Teach English in Heping Zhen, Nanping Shi
This Unit have taught me how to handle me class and how to to be creative in the classroom and how to adjust while teaching in the classroom and also how to use the test book in the class also how to avoid not adjust so much while using the test book, because it may cost conflate to make the students to regret why the bought the test
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