Teach English in Yuntan Zhen - Maoming Shi

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In order to create a good atmosphere in the classroom, it is important to make students feel comfortable and relaxed but to control the students and mantain the discipline as well. Teacher's behaviour and attitude in the classroom are very important: the teacher should stand while he/she is explaining new material or introducing a new unit (even though sometimes it will make students feel under the teacher's dominance). On the other hand, durin the study phase, teachers are advised to be seated so as not to distract the students in vain. Eye contact and gestures are also very important. Eye contact is important for the rapport with the class, for encouraging the students to give instructions to students while gestures are interesting when we need to explain the meanin of the words,involve the students into activities etc. As for the organisations, with big groups the traditional order of seating it the best, students are easily controlled that way and the teacher is abke to see all his students clearly. With small groups, creating circles is more intimate, the teacher does not have all the attention any more and the activity is more spontaneous. Pair-work is a good solution too (if the rest of the class is paying attention).The teacher shoud be able to create the balance between the TTT and STT, both very important, teacher's for student's \"abosorbing\" the language and student's for practising speaking in a foreign language. The most important thin for the teacher is to use clear and not too complicated words and expressions, to motivate and involve students, to manage te class the best he/she can considered the behaviour, the size of the classroom and the number of students,to follow the school's behaviour code and to teach in a way that students do not feel neither uncomfortable nor too relaxed or unmotivated.