Teach English in Xinshidai Nongchang - Maoming Shi

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This Unit covered the topics of Course books, Materials, and Teaching Aids. Advantages and disadvantages were discussed on the use of course books in Teaching English as a Second Language in contrast to the use of created and authentic materials. Some of the main advantages of using course books in teaching TEFL/TESOL are they offer graded levels and allow students to progress in their learning in a steady manner. Having course books as a resource has also been proven to be helpful for new, inexperienced teachers as they provide a good framework and balance for lessons. Some of the disadvantages are they can be generic, i.e., they may not cover the specific needs and interests of a particular group of students. Also too much reliance on course books can lead to boredom in the students. The recommendation in this unit is to use course books, but with reservations. They should not be used exclusively. Lessons can and should be adapted or supplemented to meet the needs of the students. Some parts of the book can be omitted and replaced with materials that are more suitable. Supplementation and adaption of materials was recommended as needed. Of the materials the teacher himself/herself finds to supplement lessons, there are two types. Students can be given real, authentic materials, esp. as they advance in their learning. Authentic materials include newspapers, magazines, recordings, songs, etc. The second type of supplemental materials are teacher-created materials such flashcards, role play cards, and games. I found this unit to be helpful. Personally I definitely agree with the advantages of course books. Progression and continuity are high on my list of importance. I agree that supplementation and adaptation are also important to meet the needs of the students and to create a more interesting learning experience.