Teach English in Wenlou Zhen - Maoming Shi

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This last unit covered different classroom scenario groups that could pose problems or difficulties and gave advice and examples on how to deal with them. During the first lesson of a new class, the students can either be new, meaning that none of them know each other, or existing, where they will at least be familiar with one another. Regardless of the case, the first lesson is the most important in order to build rapport between the students and the teacher and for the teacher to find out about students' interests, needs, and English-ability levels. Make sure to start all classes with a short and fun warm-up exercise to get the students pumped about speaking in English. Having classes where the students are all different ability levels can be imposing, but using a variety of methods can help remedy the situation, such as pairing up stronger and weaker students together as well as splitting them into groups at times to cover materials more accustomed to their levels. Another intimidating class type is having a large group of students, which can make classroom control and keeping everyone equal hard to maintain. Using pairs and worksheets to ensure everyone is working is a good strategy in a large class. Also, assigning group leaders to help out and manage the rest of the students is another helpful idea. Using pair work also benefits reluctant students who might be shy or uncomfortable speaking to the class as a whole at first. When dealing with reluctant students, teachers must ensure that they have the language they need to speak; having controlled practice before expecting them to talk freely will help. Above all, constantly remind students to speak in English and not in their native language. Teachers should only respond to English to ensure students put forth effort into communicating their ideas in English alone.