Teach English in Shuifeng Nongchang - Maoming Shi

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This unit provided a good framework for classroom management, starting with the use of a teacher?s eyes, voice and gestures to communicate to students. I learned proper use of eyes can give encouragement to students. The voice should be used effectively to speak slowly and clearly, so words are enunciated for instructions to be understood. Also, gestures can add visual interest and reduce teacher talk time. I also learned the importance of addressing students by their names, especially at the end of a question to keep learners alert to what?s being asked. This unit also included a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of classroom groupings, such as whole class, individuals, and pairs. Depending on the activity, I think it would be most beneficial for students to experience a combination of all three settings so lessons aren?t predictable. That said, I would prefer groupings that enhance student talk time. This leads to the physical arrangement of the class, which can vary from long tables to a horseshoe configuration to individual spaces. Each layout has its advantages and disadvantages. In the classroom, I refer layouts which can be easily altered if the physical space allows for it before or during the lesson. I am also partial to a circular configuration because it increases student talk time and makes the class space more intimate. I also learned considerations of writing on the board, which is done best if materials are pre-prepared or done when students are working on a study activity. At the start and throughout the class, I learned the importance of establishing rapport with students with an ice-breaking activity that allows them to interact with each other. Finally, this unit addressed responding to discipline, reinforcing the importance of the teacher to use non-verbal techniques and remaining calm.