Teach English in Shiban Zhen - Maoming Shi

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Teaching special groups such as individuals interests me the most and is what I want to do after completing this course. One-on-one tutoring is very flexible and allows the teacher to give his/her undivided attention to the student. With individual lessons, the activities can include material from a course book, magazine, newspaper, song lyrics, or other visual aid and authentic material to really engage the learner. Discussion/conversation is more flexible and free-flowing during a one-to-one session, and this can include topics such as personal or family history, likes and dislikes of the student, discussion about recent news events, or reviewing a favourite recipe. Pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar review should not be forgotten during an individual class. The teacher is able to clearly see what the student needs to work on the most and design practice work from there. When teaching children, chances are they are beginner learners or false beginners. Children have a lot of energy and this needs to be reflected in the classroom by the teacher. Many new, stimulating activities and games are a solid foundation to learn upon and the teacher should practice this to ensure the students are not bored. Business English learners may not always want to be taking the English class they are enrolled in, but again it is important that the teacher makes the lessons fun and engaging. The instructor should speak in English almost always, rarely depending upon the students' native language. Business English learners can range in age and level of fluency, so therefore it is a good idea to perform a needs analysis to decide which commonalities the students have that the teacher can review. It is also important that the teacher knows what type of classroom materials she/he has access to, in order to aid in the instruction and presentation of material.