Teach English in Shenzhen Zhen - Maoming Shi

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There are a number of useful teaching aids and resources available for a Teacher for the classroom. Many visual aids can be purchased as resource materials/course books, sourced online or created by the Teacher. All of these visual aids should be large enough so they are easily seen by all the students. They should be interesting, varied and perhaps colourful, to attract attention. The Teacher should familiarize themselves with the resource options available from the school?s library source. Equipment options are many and varied and should be considered carefully with regards to size and layout of the classroom so all students can see the board clearly without interruption from direct sunlight, other students or bad angle. If writing on a board, the Teacher should have a layout plan so maximum board space is used that also flows. No superfluous text should be written down, writing should be legible and neat and capital letters should not be used. Wipe the board clean after the lesson or after a vocabulary or grammar point has been taught, so there is no confusion when moving on on to the next. Limit time writing on the board as turning your back on the students for too long means they can lose concentration and limits time you are talking without facing the students. Any technical equipment used should be tested so the Teacher is familiar with its use, but always have a backup plan in case the technology fails. Students generally like to watch video clips or listen to audio, but the Teacher should limit the piece being played and have a record of the timeslot so it can be easily identified and replayed. Recording student communication during a lesson and playing back to them is useful for analysis and discussion. It is important to remember that any aid used should assist rather than distract the language point being taught.