Teach English in Huangling Zhen - Maoming Shi

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The first class had several errors. The teacher did not tell the students what an auxiliary verb was and expected them to know. He was not good at correcting the students, sometimes only saying 'nope'. He did not answer their questions. When asked what the difference was between can/could, he said they are the same as well as I will tell you later. He did not observe the students when they were working and there was very little interaction between the students and they had very little talk time themselves. He was condescending to the students when he said 'this is really very easy, I'm surprised you don't know this'. He kept repeating questions when the students obviously did not know and wanted them just to simply know a lot of the vocabulary he was using. In the activate stage at the end, he gave no demonstration just the same explanation. He looked a little confused or timid himself when he almost drew on the board to make his own animal, but then decided not to. In class two, immediately he was smiling. Right off, he asked them to put their names out and made his own introduction. He first asked them for their own animals and then when they are done adds on the ones he needs showing pictures. He used a lot of partnered work and let them talk more to each other and to him. He observed while they worked and elicited questions like asking what is another name for a crocodile. He used some drilling and when the students got something wrong he would ask 'can a...'. He mimed out the actions/verbs to help name them. They did seem to have a little trouble with 'crawl' and he kept giving the example of a soldier, which he could have tried a different explanation. He demonstrated what they should do on the worksheet on the board and helping them with the first answer. The activate stage he was prepared with his own drawing as a demonstration for what they should be doing.