Teach English in Hongqi Jiedaoban - Maoming Shi

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The teacher is in control of his/her demeanour while teaching through different body language aspects. Eye contact between students and teacher is important so that the instructor knows that understanding is occurring among the students, but there should not be intense staring that creates an awkward feeling. Eye contact helps maintain control of the class as well. Gestures also communicate good work done by students, the pace at which the teacher wants things done, and aid n conveying the meaning of the language being taught. The voice is used by the teacher to spark interest in the students and maintain their attentiveness as well as clearly explain the lesson. How the students are seated changes the atmosphere of the classroom and can create an intimate learning environment. The teacher's position, such as standing or sitting, is dependent upon the activity the students are engaged in. The teacher should know when sitting is appropriate because this allows the students to relax and not feel stressful, like the teacher is watching their every move while working in pairs or individually. Teacher talk time should be clear, concise and simple language with the use of visual clues when necessary. This ensures the students understand the message being communicated but also allows for increased potential student talk time. Rapport between teacher and students is established by allowing the students to get to know one another, having a positive attitude, and showing that you care (as the educator). Behavioural problems can arise for a number of reasons including family situation, boredom, or peer pressure. Discipline must be consistent with the code of conduct of the school, and must be realised in a calm manner. It is vital the teacher focuses on the behaviour rather than the student, because not doing so could damage the relationship between student and teacher in the future.