Teach English in Guding Zhen - Maoming Shi

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At any level of instruction, students are exposed to language, understand their meaning, learn how they are structured, and practice it. Classes must be balanced in terms of grammar, vocabulary, and function. Words are very important to students. Knowing, but knowing what you do not use, can be more than you know and use. How easy it is to know the word depends on several factors. Whether the word is similar to the student's native language, whether it is similar to a word you already know, or whether the word is spelled similar or similar to a pronunciation. When choosing a word, it is important that you choose something that suits your level. Whether it is a word that can be easily used in everyday life or a word that can be easily taught is important. I need to check how it is used according to the grammar and how to pronounce it. How to teach a word You can teach ESL at the Engage level with real textbooks. It can be interesting through action, mime, and photography. You can think of one situation by associating it with various words through mind map. In the study phase, you can search for words in the dictionary or on the Internet, search for crosswords or blank words, find the same meaning, read the text, and look up words. In the Activate stage, there are role play, simulation, and story creation with words. The new language grammar is determined by the student's level and the syllabus. The grammar applies to the meaning of the language, how it is used, what form and pattern it has, how it differs in grammar and grammar when speaking. At the Engage stage, students are encouraged to create realistic scenarios, answer questions, and picture music. In the study stage, students can study intonation and pronunciation patterns, how to use the language in the text, and so on. In the Activate phase, you can interact through the game, apply role play, create a story, and more.