Teach English in GuAndu Jiedaoban - Maoming Shi

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The role of the teacher is a multifaceted profession that is not restricted to only lecturing material and answering questions. The roles compose of those more traditionally expected such as manager, organizer and assessor and extend to more dynamic facets such as being a participant, prompter, and facilitator. Knowing the correct situations to act a certain role is as important as knowing the roles themselves. Knowing the traits of an excellent student is just as pertinent to knowing what makes an excellent teacher. It is important for the teacher to use his/her capabilities to guide learners in developing the characteristics of a successful learner. These characteristics include six major points: willingness to listen to the language, desire to experiment, ask questions, awareness of one's own learning methods, acceptance of errors and corrections, and desire to learn. There are multiple trait sets that correlate strongly with adults and young learners; knowing these can provide an advantage for the teacher. Adult learners tend to have motivation, often more nervous, greater attention span, and have more experience to make connections between classroom material and real world experiences. However, they also tend to allow their pride to intervene and usually try to relate the learned language with expressions of their native language, which could lead to a misinterpretation of an idiom based off missed context. On the other hand, younger learners tend to learn new languages as they have done with their native languages, allowing to absorb the proper contextual meaning and usage. However issues such as discipline and short attention spans are common challenges. Cultural factors are not be forgotten as well. For example, students from Asian countries are use to instructors doing all the talking while those of western descent may prefer to talk and collaborate more in the classroom.