Teach English in Dacheng Zhen - Maoming Shi

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In this unit, I learned about the necessary components of a lesson plan and studied examples of how to organize a lesson plan (or a sequence of lesson plans) and use it as a flexible aid to plan classes and chart the objectives of a specific class (and the progress of a class over time). By including learner objectives (what the students should be able to know/do by the end of the lesson), personal aims for my own improvement as a teacher, and the theme of the lesson, I can refer back to the lesson plan in order to stay on track during class. Lesson plans should also include the specific activities and procedures tailored to reinforce the learner objectives, which phase of the lesson plan (engage, study, or activate) each activity belongs to, the time that each activity should take, the theme of the lesson plan, which problems might arise during the lesson and how to solve them, the class size and level, the date and time of the class, and the name of the teacher and any potential observers. Any teaching materials that may be used during the lesson should be prepared before the class and also included in the lesson plan. Although different teachers have different formats and levels of detail in their lesson plans, it may be more helpful to keep detailed records of the intended lesson plan, what is actually covered in class (if it varies from the lesson plan), and any problems that arose and how they were solved so that any substitute teachers can use it as a record of what has been covered so far and which problems they may anticipate. More detailed lesson plans can also be personally beneficial, as I can refer back to them in order to chart the progress of the students and design a flexible and well-balanced sequence of lesson plans. Self-evaluation forms can also be helpful, as I can use them to ensure that I am working to attain my personal aims and actively monitoring my own progress as a teacher.