Teach English in CaojiAng Zhen - Maoming Shi

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First and foremost, what I have learned from this unit is that a good teacher must always know and understand the parameters of the class that he or she is teaching and be able to subsequently adapt. In other words, he or she must first have a strong understanding of the level and the capabilities of the students of that they are teaching. While the latter can only be fully understood after teaching the students for a period of time, it is necessary that the teacher actively observe his or her students to gain a better understanding of how particular students, or the group at large, learns as each and every student (or group in certain cases) learns and responds differently to different methods or forms of teaching. Once these observations have been made the instructor must respond accordingly. If, for instance, a particular group or class seems to learn more effectively by controlled teaching, the instructor should rely on a more lectured-based, or direct teaching style and vice versa. In line with this, a good teacher must inherently find a balance while teaching. As mentioned above, a teacher must, for instance, create a balance between being a controller and developing activities that facilitate the students' learning; between between being a participator and observer. Finally, a teacher must develop a rapport and positive, productive relationship with his or her students. Much of this, in my opinion at least, comes from being respectful to and patient with the students as without these key ingredients students will find themselves trying to learn in an uncomfortable and negative environment. Good rapport can, in my opinion, also be developed if the teacher has an excellent subject knowledge as students will almost invariably be more confident to learn from a teacher with a thorough understanding of the subject matter; without such knowledge the teacher will fail to inspire or motivate their students.