Teach English in Baishi Zhen - Maoming Shi

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Vocabulary is very important to the students ,especially at the early stages when students are motivated to learn the basic words they need to get by in the language . In this unit I learnt that how easy of difficult vocabulary items is will largely depend on : similarity to students`own language ,similarity to English word already known,spelling and pronunciation and appropriacy.Also , the following criteria can be used when selecting vocabulary :appropriacy to students ,sppropriacy to the task ,teachibility( beginners need very clear and visual language) etc .When teaching vocabulary students need to know ; the meaning , use , word grammar ,interaction,spelling and pronunciation of the vocabulary items being taught .I also learnt about some techniques to use when teaching vocabulary. At the engage stage : realia,mime and action ,pictures ,contrast etc can be helpful ,study activities include :Gap-fill exercises ,word sentences ,crosswords etc . The activate stage of the vocabulary lesson can include such activities as :role_play,simulation ,story building ,debate etc . Introducing grammatical structures , which new language structures we introduce are largely determined by the level of the class and the course syllabus.Thus teaching grammatical structures students need to know the meaning ,use ,forms and patterns , spoken and written forms .Discussion,prompting ,questions and answers etc , can be a very useful techniques for presenting and practising language structures.while gap-fill,intonation and pattern ,information gap,choral and individual repetition etc ( study stage ) and comminication games, role play , story building ,debate ( activate stage). Finally , teaching language function which include areas such as ;inviting ,refusing ,agreeing and disagreeing ,suggesting etc ,.It also includes the appropriacyof the language in terms of the kind of language use : formal, informal ,tentative ,technical etc .