Teach English in ZhifAng Zhen - Longnan Shi

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I feel like this unit covered a lot of what we already covered in previous units. I was expecting the test at the end of the unit to focus more on vocabulary than it did. Instead, it focused on reviewing ESA, which is a very important aspect of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.I learnt how to explain and use 4 present tenses and further how to engage the students on how to explain these so they understand where and how used, further in which contexts. Still struggle a little with present perfect tenses but have a clearer understanding from my perspectiveThis unit has been a good refresher on the usage of past tense in the English language and its four aspects. I have seen similarities in usage and form emerging between the present tense and the past tense, though the past tense is used to talk about periods of time that have passed.