Teach English in Longnan Shi

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Teach English in Anhua Zhen, Longnan Shi
By knowing and being a able to distinguesh between the different theories, methods and techniques the teacher will be able to guide his class and prepare him/her self properly for the lesson
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Teach English in Baoziba Zhen, Longnan Shi
This chapter provided an overview of the different types of tests that can be utilised in order to determine both the level of the student as well as to monitor his progress or prepare him for the final exam
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Teach English in Chanhe XiAng, Longnan Shi
There are very interesting methods to provide and elicit students, especially i like best the materials exactly information about authentic and creative materials, what is comfortable thing that these materials are very actually to use while the lesson and can be used as an additional
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Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen, Longnan Shi
This has showed me the difference between receptive and productive skills and how to influence accuracy and fluency and show many different ways on how to approach effectiveness in both areas
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