Teach English in ChengguAn Zhen - Longnan Shi

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I thought it easier but really it was much more trickier than i thought i enjoyed it though. It was very interesting ame i seemed to see the good and bad rabbits that vote,e with the confusion of past and present . I member knew we had 12 tenses I'm the English laugauge its very interesting :-)This unit taught me what is important to teach when instructing ESL classes. The why of teaching grammar, sentence structure, certain words etc. I can see the importance of knowing the basics through completing this unit as it will assist in giving an outline and structure to my future classes.Useful as usual, as same as other units. I have spoken without knowing not enough of those rules. Now I have gained more confidence that I can tell people if somebody asks me why towards to 'if' questions. Plus as usual very useful to read through the class room ideas for my feature reference.